How It All Began...

Marica Linn was born in East Cleveland, OH. Always drawn to the arts, as a youth she would sit in her room and create songs while she sketched and painted, to keep her mind occupied while her older siblings were at school. She sang for an audience for the first time at age 4, in front of her church congregation. Later that year, she appeared in a stage play at Cleveland Public Theater, "Man, Woman, All you Have Is Today."

When Marica started school, she joined the choir and throughout the years she remained in almost every show choir her school offered. Since she began to write songs and poetry early on, she quickly formed a love for Hip Hop. It was during this time that she also developed a love for track & field. She and two of her childhood friends(one of which was also her teammate on the track team) formed a girl group and  called themselves 24/7. They wrote multiple songs together but never got into the studio to record. 24/7 broke up shortly after Marica's family was forced to move away due to their home burning down one Christmas. Marica Linn continued to write songs, as well as raps and poems, on her own and in high school she found that lunchtime was the perfect place to practice her free-styling and written rhymes for a friendly crowd. During high school she also returned to the stage appearing in her high schools' spring musical production of "Bugsy Malone."

Along The Way...

After high school, Marica was encouraged to pursue a more "traditional" path, and rapping didn't seem a top priority for her as she entered college, but she did join the choir. Unwilling to completely let go of her aspirations, she started out in the entertainment industry as a freelance event/runway model in her area. Marica has since appeared on magazine covers, catalogs, calendars, in-store advertisements, hair shows, music videos, movies, television, spotlighted in numerous national print magazines, and more. During the course of her music career Marica has featured on multiple tracks with other artists. She headlined her first concert in 2011, which was then turned into a concert documentary, Rebel Invazion (2013).  

After a few setbacks caused her to put a hold on pursuing her goals in music, Marica re-emerged in 2013 with a collective of similar artists, #1N2Deep. They recorded a compilation album, released multiple music videos, and performed together throughout 2013-2014. During that time Marica also began to perform regularly as a solo artist. She has opened for headlining acts including, Three6 Mafia, King Chip, Jarren Benton, Ying Yang Twinz, Ray Jr., Stevie Stone, and more. The group disbanded in mid-2014.  

Discouraged by the dissolution of another group, she took some time away to journey into herself and reevaluate her next steps. 

The Marathon Continues...

Marica Linn continues on relentlessly, and in 2015, she added two films to her resume, Rhyme Slaya (2016) and No Loose Ends (2018). 

Marica Linn became inspired to make a major change, so she left her hometown and now lives in Miami, FL, where she continues to write, record, and perform.  

Marica Linn's solo debut single "Changes" featuring Julie Elody, released August 24, 2018